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Weekly Plan For Sustainable Living

Abstract art and sustainable living
Changes don’t happen over night. But gradually even the most stubborn of habits can be adjusted. Good example of this is the use of a straw when drinking soda next to any fast food meal. Is that straw really necessary? 


Start by learning to say no! Many believe that small changes have big impacts. Earlier this year, Finnish burger chain Hesburger ditched their straws and next to that all their meals are served with environmentally friendly packaging. Yes, so what can we all do to help our environment? Whenever someone offers you a straw, too much plastic or a pile of paper napkins, learn to say no and use only things that you really need.


Opt for products that are recycled or support companies that use recycled materials. Our local supermarket chain recently launched recycled smoothie bottles! What a great way to provide people with healthy snacks, yet remind us all for the importance of recycling. As a side note, in Finland we have a 90% return rate on all recycled bottles!


Whenever possible, avoid buying products packed in individual packages. Once you start paying attention, you’ll notice the amount of plastic there is. Small choices can make the difference. For example, buy a carton of yoghurt instead of individually wrapped ones. Buy fresh vegetables, instead of those chopped and taped into plastic. Use bars of soap and other environmentally friendly packaged products to avoid the overconsumption of bottles.


Revolutionise your grocery shopping. That being said, learn to bring your own shopping bag and whenever you can do the groceries by walking to your nearest shop. Those local stores are there to serve you and they need customers too.


Go running. And while you run, pick up a trash or two. There you go; now you are plogging! Unfortunately, there are people who throw their junk on the streets.


If you skipped running on Friday, go for a relaxing walk instead. Slowing things down and spending time in the nature can shape our daily habits and strengthen the feelings of gratitude.


Grow your own veggies and herbs! Lol, not that simple if you live up North with zero sunlight. But if you’ve got the sun, please take advantage of it. Plant some seeds, grow your own herbs or buy a gardening book. Or at least, eat more greens and pay attention to your food waste.
If you need help in breaking any of your old habits or hope to find the motivation in rethinking some old patterns, I recommend to read a book called The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.