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Sulapac® is an award-winning, patented and bio-based plastic alternative. Sulapac's innovative materials are designed to reduce plastic pollution and at the heart of its business is the promise of good usability without forgetting aesthetic values. To educate and influence the consumer, Sulapac re-launched their Instagram account with refreshed visual look and feel. The visual aim of the project was to create a set of pictures to serve both as the Instagram kick-off campaign content and to use the pictures in other marketing channels as well. Since 2020, the collaboration has been ongoing and carefully planned and executed visual content has been utilised in various social media channels, blog posts and other marketing materials. 

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Bärbar is a Finnish smoothie and sandwich bar, where joy and healthy energy meet Nordic superfoods. Collaboration was focused on building brand recognition, highlighting new product launches and helping to provide key visuals for the grand opening of the new BärBar in Helsinki-Vantaa airport in spring 2022. Visuals were displayed in social media channels, screens, websites and other launch materials. 

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AIDA Impact is a Helsinki born jewellery brand that seeks to create sustainable and measurable social impact. They offer beauty and joyful experiences through naturally sourced, fine craftmanship jewellery. The brand is also known for helping their community and employees by empowering women and by providing a gateway to working life for immigrants and refugees. Photography and set styling for Valentine's day campaign promotion in partnership with Sulapac®.

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Lilla Svan was founded in 2021 by two mothers who came up with the idea of a high quality, sustainable and subscription-based baby clothing service. The brand offers soft, simple and sustainable baby clothing and accessories packed with strong aesthetics values. According to their founders: "Lilla Svan stands out with Scandinavian minimalism being the perfect choice for those who appreciate visual harmony and functionality." Their design and pattern collections are created by contemporary creators and artists from Scandinavia. The very first Lilla Svan collection features minimalistic animal figures designed by Jenni Joanna Visuals. 

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