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What Comes After Burnout?

I have spent majority of my photography journey running after “candid” shots and appreciating the beauty of things. Now that is a great starting point but I learned the hard way that by focusing only on capturing, learning, serving and growing we might not see the things that truly matter. Between constant capturing, collecting and… Read More »What Comes After Burnout?

Jenni Joanna Visuals

Are Creative People Born Or Made?

Everyone is creative in their own way. The key is to understand what creativity means to you and how it has shaped your motivation and thrive for new innovations and ideas. In my experience, having a creative brain is both a blessing and a huge challenge. The dark side of having plenty of interests, rich… Read More »Are Creative People Born Or Made?

Jenni Joanna Visuals Photography Tips

3 Ways To Play With Composition

Intentional and playful composition can significantly help your storytelling, photography and set styling let alone make your editing process faster. All in all, mastering composition will make a big difference in your creative work. Most importantly, it will help your audience to understand what are the key elements and intention highlighted in your work. Secondly,… Read More »3 Ways To Play With Composition

Colorful and creative photography services for conscious brands and purposeful projects.

10 Facts About Bees

Did you know that many foods and crops rely on bee pollination? Thanks to bees and other pollinators we can enjoy rich, plant based diets and slice tomatoes on our bread. For now. Unfortunately number of bees are in decline due to many hardships and difficulties they face. Whether you are fascinated by them or… Read More »10 Facts About Bees

Abstract art and sustainable living

Weekly Plan For Sustainable Living

Changes don’t happen over night. But gradually even the most stubborn of habits can be adjusted. Good example of this is the use of a straw when drinking soda next to any fast food meal. Is that straw really necessary?  Monday Start by learning to say no! Many believe that small changes have big impacts. Earlier… Read More »Weekly Plan For Sustainable Living

7 Quotes To Describe Finnish Sisu

Have you heard about the traditional Finnish quality called sisu? The word itself is rooted on Finnish identity but over the years it has also become famous as a way to describe anything along the lines of grit, perseverance, willpower, courage and endurance. Big words right! And with only one Finnish word, you can tackle… Read More »7 Quotes To Describe Finnish Sisu